Why you might need a taxi in Shoreham

Evening out with friends coming up? Party? Going out for a meal at a restaurant? Along with arranging when and where you are going to meet , you should be reaching for the phone and calling one of Shoreham´s taxi firms to book your taxi there and back. Noone is suggesting that you are going to get drunk on your evening out, but with the drink drive limits set pretty low, the risk of even a couple of pints or glasses of wine and driving home is not worth taking. If you think seriously about how you will cope if you loose your license, you will see a taxi as a necessity not a luxury.

In fact, per booked, a taxi is often cheaper than you may think and if shared with several fiends, picked up on route perhaps, it is often cheaper per head than public transport.

It is certainly more convenient, door to door with no problems parking either. Of course there may be special reasons why getting a taxi in Shoreham is the only sensible option. If you have mobility problems, booking a weekly trip to the supermarket with the same friendly firm will make an otherwise daunting task a pleasure to look forward to. There is some thing really reassuring for the single or elderly passenger to use the same firm and same driver for all their trips , who will know their particular needs.

If you are going away on holiday, or even taking a trip up to London, booking a taxi to take you to the station or airport and collect you on your return, will save so much hassle worrying about parking or late night buses, that it will add enormously to the pleasure of the occasion.

Finally, of course, there is the serious matter of personal safety to be considered if your journey is at night, when booking or calling a registered and licensed taxi firm is the only sensible option.

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