What types of taxi are available?

In the UK you have the choice of two kinds of taxis. The first being what is called the Hackney Carriage and then there is the minicab. Today Hackney Carriages are more commonly known as Black Cabs or London Taxis but in the old days these were horse drawn carriages that people would hail in the street to catch the driver’s attention. Black cabs have a yellow light which when turned on means they do not have any passengers and can be flagged down by anyone in the street. If you don’t see a light on they then cab has passengers in it. They run on meters which are turned on the moment a passenger gets into the taxi. Mini cabs are different all together because you cannot hail them down in the street. You need to pre-book a minicab by telephone or you can do it online these days. The charge of a minicab depends on how far you are going because they normally charge passengers by the mile. Both types of taxis, whether a minicab or Hackney Carriages are licensed taxis which means that the drivers must display ID cards when they are driving their cabs. There are minicab firms all over the country as well as Hackney carriage ranks that are found in many towns. Anyone visiting Shoreham and who needs to find a taxi should check out the internet and just Google the words ‘Shoreham taxi’ or ‘taxi Shoreham by Sea’ and this should bring up a list of companies in that part of the country.