Local taxi companies

There are plenty of occasions when driving is simply not much fun. There are other times when it is not safe, or advisable, or there is a better option. Public transport can be great, if it goes where you want to go that is! So a good option for non-drivers and, ‘not on this occasion’ drivers, is to take a taxi.

A taxi is great for an evening out when no one wants to be the designated driver. If a group of you travel together the cost will be fairly modest, and you will all be able to enjoy the evening and return home safely. Safety is a big factor if you are going out, or returning alone at night, particularly if you are young, or vulnerable, or a woman out on her own.

It is wise to plan ahead if you can so you can make an arrangement with friends to stay together and travel together. There are many firms offering taxis in Shoreham, and elsewhere. So check these out, and consider making a regular booking with a firm you like. Many firms will also take you further afield. This can useful for airport journeys, or longer trips. Airport parking is expensive, and you will then have to get from the car park to the terminal. So why not cut out the hassle and let the taxi drop you at the departure gate, and pick you up on your return?