Take a taxi this Christmas

Are you anticipating that familiar argument this Christmas…whose turn is it to drive? It can really put the dampers on a party or night out knowing that you can´t enjoy even a couple of drinks safely and have got to stay alert for the drive home.

Comfort is a prime consideration too. You could resort to public transport, but then you are going to have to contend with waits in the cold, buses which fail to arrive and trains which are often overcrowded or finish early. What´s more you still have to get to and from the bus stop and station. Ladies amongst you will have to try and keep hairstyles and shoes unruffled and dry as well and who wants to arrive at the party, club, pub or restaurant, weighed down with coats , hats and gloves?

There is also the question of safety to consider. If you book with a registered taxi firm you know you will get there and back safely. You will be delivered door to door with complete peace of mind and at a time which suits you.

A taxi is always worth consideration on cost too. Take off fuel costs and parking costs and they are very attractive, especially if you get together with others .Taxi firms in Shoreham will happily pick up and set down from several addresses so that you can share the cost .

And finally? Well, why not indulge yourself with a touch of luxury with your own chauffeur for a little while, especially at Christmas.